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Treatment in Israel



"Moscow doctor" is a medical service company that provides a large spectrum of medical service to its clients

Medical tourism represents one of the services we provide to our clients.


Contact details:

Moscow. Schelkovskoe shosse 23 A, offices 808-811

Phone: +7 499 391-42-67




Our company is happy to cooperate with your clinic to provide the best service in the field of medical tourism for our patients.

We are also ready to represent your clinic for Moscow and CIS patients


The advantage of having "Moscow Doctor" company as representation office for your clinic

  1. Non- virtual.
  • In the field of the medical tourism even a very high level medical facility is somehow virtual for the patient. As result some of the patient who applied to your clinic over the phone or e-mail, finally refused from the advantage of having treatment in your clinic. As opposite we are not virtual, the patient could come to our office to speak to our Western educated doctors and administrative staff.
  1. Medical information
  • We have necessary facility to prepare medical documents for review, place results of MRI, CT or other tests on our server. As results two goals are achieved: better quality of initial medical information and more serious representation of our medical service for a patient
  1. Administrative support
  • Some patients tend to refuse from treatment  abroad due to difficulties with money transfer (in Russia and CIS countries) this process can be complicated, our due to difficulties in organizing the whole process (tickets, transfer to the airport  etc). Our administrative staff easily support these patients needs


How does it work

    1. Of course all of it is done under official agreement
    2. You could place information that "Moscow Doctor" company is your representative office in Moscow
    3. Those of your patients who want to meet with our doctors or administrative staff are welcome and could come to our office for discussions of medical issues, administrative arrangements etc
    4. We are happy to arrange videoconference between your patients and your doctors and administrative staff on Skype. In our view it works very well for the patient
    5. If the patient decides to start treatment in your clinic we provide full administrative support
    6. We indicate on our web site the we are official representative office of your clinic. We are happy to provide a specific page presenting your clinic and your doctors to patients


How much does it cost?

  • This service is suggested only to the clinics we already have an official agreement regarding medical tourism issues
  • We are receiving from you a percentage from the cost of patients' treatment according to our agreement. The level of the percentage could be discussed, we are happy to adjust